Wisconsin Telelift Inc.

Drone-Based Dynamic Networking

Uplifting Wisconsin

WiscLift is a Wisconsin-based company with the expertise and association to develop & capture the rapidly emerging dynamic network market. WiscLift leverages its reach to provide local manufacturing, sales, service, application & upfitment of Spooky Action’s Telelift system.

Upfitment & ApplicationRoute to Market

WiscLift is able to leverage dynamic networks to expand existing infrastructure. Using Telelift to determine where future permanent infrastructure is required & cost-effective helps to optimize resources.

Dynamic NetworksSupport Permanent Infrastructure

Dynamic networks provide broadband coverage to underserved areas when--and as--needed. This allows resources to be prioritized to meet the critical needs at any given time. It’s a truly disruptive technology.

Dynamic NetworksInnovative Approach & Strategy

Dynamic networks are able to deliver "middle" and "last mile" broadband support at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadband solutions. In summary, what appears as a temporary solution is actually a long-term flexible option.

Dynamic NetworksPermanent Temporary Solution

symbolizes a change in perspective & self-realization; the scurrying flight across water represents going beyond what’s on the surface – the ability to look for the deeper meaning of life

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shifts the belief that permanent infrastructure is the only option for connectivity; the dynamically scheduled network connects people when and where they need it – a true disruptive technology

Northland Pines School District

Northland Pines School District

Vilas County Pilot Project

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Training & Testing

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Forest County Capacity Building

Forest County Capacity Building

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Internships & Education

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Our Journey

Our Journey

South Africa to Wisconsin

Closing The Gap In Connectivity

WiscLift Dynamic Networks Support Permanent Infrastructure
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Providing a VPN to students affords them equitable connectivity while keeping them safe on a school’s secure network.

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From natural disasters to political protests, emergency response often loses connectivity when networks are overloaded.

emergency services

Telehealth & telemedicine are of extreme importance in our post-pandemic world, especially in rural & under-served areas.

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Large-scale events (sporting, music, festivals) often overload local networks. Dynamic networks can bridge the gap when & where needed.